AP studio art in drawing or 2D design is a program for those serious art students who wish to participate in a rigorous program designed as a first year college course. In May students submit 24 pieces to the College Board for an AP rating. Students complete a set of 12 projects semester 1 which cover a wide variety of techniques, compositions and genres. During semester 2 students complete a set of 12 projects following a theme and showing growth in their art. The course requires almost one project every week or week and a half.

The student will explore various paint methods including watercolor, acrylic, pastel, and mixed media. They will move through the genres of realism, impressionism, abstract, monochromatic and pop art. Critiques involve students in reacting to their own works and the works of their peers both in oral and written form. Students participate in an annual art auction to raise money for the annual art ministry trip to teach art to tribal kids who have no resources. Students also participate in an art critique field trip to local galleries. All 12th grade students who complete painting are eligible to have an individual display at the annual art show.