Course offered in even numbered years. This course provides students the opportunity to choose from a list of several international sports in which they will participate. As part of a small group they will research one sport and present their findings to the class. The sports options are: ultimate frisbee, flag football, water polo, futsal, takraw, cricket, tag rugby, handball and racket sports (table tennis, badminton, squash, and tennis).
Students will alternate lifting weights and cardiovascular fitness. Weightlifting will focus on increasing muscular strength and endurance using free and machine weights. Students will learn proper safety, technique, and spotting for lifting. Fitness will focus on cardiovascular endurance through a variety of activities such as: running, biking, aerobics, jump rope, bi/triathlon, and swimming. Students will keep a log of their progress and achievements in both weights and cardiovascular fitness.
This course trains students with specific sports officiating skills and then they apply them to help run the elementary athletic program including the rec league. All students are expected to give up their time after school to help run the elementary sports program, outreach events, and at other times when required. Students will learn the principles of officiating as opposed to teaching; the skills and understanding to lead younger students; the roles of officials and judges in sport; how to organize a tournament/event; how to deliver safe, organized and effective sessions; and how to plan and implement a sports ministry trip. They will be required to volunteer 250 hours of their time outside of class.

This course will introduce students to the concepts of teaching physical education. This includes planning, preparing, and assisting in a sporting activity and PE lesson. Basic communication skills, health, fair play, the role of sports officials, sports ministry, and leadership in sports are topics explored. The course is hands-on, and students will be required to teach elementary PE as well as assist with athletic programs. Students are expected to commit to coaching one U12/U14 after school sport for 6-8 weeks, spending up to 30 hours outside of school.

This course is aimed at adopting a healthy lifestyle for life. Students will study a variety of topics including: health for living, the human body, drugs and health, and first aid. Students will learn about health through discussions, research, and practical experiences.