Mandarin 1 is an introduction to Chinese language and culture for students who have little or no experience with the Chinese language. Mandarin 1 covers all 4 facets of the Chinese language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The class will use pinyin (phonetics) to study correct pronunciation and Chinese characters to build reading and writing skills. The class will provide opportunity for students to learn useful vocabulary for daily life. Multimedia and native language guest speakers are also an integral part of the classroom experience.

Spanish 1 establishes a basic understanding of written and spoken communication in Spanish. Spanish and Latin American cultures are explored in conjunction with language learning.
Spanish 3 builds on the foundation of vocabulary and grammar established in Spanish 1 and 2. Emphasis is given to conversation to promote increased verbal fluency, the expansion of reading comprehension, and an introduction to Spanish poetry and literature.
This course builds on Spanish 1 with an emphasis on improving and solidifying grammatical skills. Memorization and presentation of skits and reading of short stories is incorporated. An edited version of Don Quijote de la Mancha will be studied.